Friday, June 23, 2017

Art at the Source Day 4, June 11, 2017

Day 4 was significant because the artist's mother, opera singer Crescencia Lopez made it to 
Ranchito Milagro from her nursing home in San Pablo, due to the gracious help of friends 
from Vallejo-Elaine Entrata, Gerson Perez and Chill Cauli.

Clockwise:With the artist' Vallejo Family and her mother Crescencia P. Lopez who took Isabel to the UP College of Fine Arts when she was Grade 5.
Classmate Cora Bengco Fredrich with Brenda Cabacoy and DJ of Kaiser
Atty. Carole Tan, with her new nude in Pastel.
Lena and Herschel with the artwork "Lena's Garden"
Cora Bengco brought the artist' mother orchids as well as Filipino food.
Center Photo is a couple from Santa Rosa.
Top L: Fellow beauty queen, Ms. Philippines Universe 2004 Maricar Balagtas (and former Miss Global Philippines)
Top R:Jocee de Asis of Sfo. Hyatt, Maricar Balagtas, Annie Wood, Maricar's husband,  and a friend from Nordstrom.
Center L: Doll aka Jocee de Asis who gave a beautiful bag to the artist.
Center photo: Gloria, a glass artist  for 30 years delivers a bag of stained glass to the artist.
Bottom L: the artist with Doll de Asis, Maricar Balagtas and a friend from Nordstrom.
Bottom R: With the artist' mother, opera singer Crescencia Lopez

Clockwise:Jonathan Melrod and the artist with the Filipino community of Santa Rosa, Ca.
The event ended 5 minutes before closing time with an unexpected hail storm. A blessing from heaven!
Fellow beauty queen, Maricar Balagtas Arciaga  with the artist, Elaine Entrata, Chill Cauli, Gerson Perez and Annie Wood.
The Artist .
Center photo: the beauty queen Maricar Balagtas-Arciaga and Jonathan Melrod.


Left:"Lena's Garden"-mixed media of organic materials, glass & smalti , Collector: Eli Melrod
Top R:"The Square Cross"-Collector, Rosary Tan Pavone
Bottom R: "The Energies Within",-Collector Maria Estela Lopez
Top L: Figure Study in pastel for delivery. Top R: Atty. Rosary Tan with her new work.
Center L-R: Ginna Morris, (formerly Virginnia Gebhart)  94 yo of Rohnert Park, a former beauty queen, Miss Wayne County and Ms. Ohio Runner up.
Bottom L: Nino Ariel, of Sfo. Marriot, artwork personally delivered by the artist in the JW Marriot
Bottom R: The lucky winner of the raffle draw, chosen among those who dropped their calling cards in the fishbowl during the 4 day event. Congratulations! 

Top L-R: Delivery of "Ways of the Cross"to the Mutz Family with wife Heather.. John Mutz is running for Sheriff in Sonoma County. Believers of the cross..
Center L: their twin sons prepared a welcome message to the artist in their beautiful home.
Center R: The most expensive artwork "The Second Chakra 2" bought by collector Gary Howard of Bodega Bay, Ca. This piece was previously exhibited at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts. He opted to buy this as "Iluminati 2" was already bought by another buyer.
Bottom L-R: "Iluminati 2" the first artwork to be sold, found it's new home in Scheibel Lane with owners Bob and Ellie Gettleman

Art at the Source Day 3. June 10,2017

Day 3 coincided with the birthday of Jonathan Melrod, owner of Ranchito Milagro. 
The event became a garden tour, an art show and a birthday party/family reunion.
Clockwise: Adrian Roces, the artist' best friend in her teenage years.
Rosary Tan Pavone, the artist' neighbor and playmate.
More guests from Sonoma County.
Mrs. Birmingham and Janyl's son from San Rafael
Film Producer Virginia Traverse.
Last but not the least, Ambassador Romy Arguelles of the Philippine Consulate and wife Ennie.

Top L:Gemma Dayap and friend, Estela Lopez, Rosary Pavone and Marilyn Lopez
Top R:Reunion of the playmates, the artist's sister, Estela, and Rosary Pavone from San Bruno, Ca.
Center L:Liza Gino, the runner up of the artist in the Ms. Philippines pageant, 1982
Center R:Family Reunion with Ilaya Malaya of KPFA fm, and the artist' family and friends.
Bottom L:Nestor Orinion with wife, Joanne Vergara Orinion
Bottom R: Maria Macaspac with husband and sister Estela.

Top L:Joy Asonalleba with Ginny Traverse and Chino..
Top R: Rosary Tan Pavone with her new art work "The Square Cross" aka the 4 directions..
Center L: with  Ira Estrada Lopez, nephew Rick Lopez and daughter Audrey.
Center R: Fellow artist Charry Dasovich from Novato, Ca.
Bottom L:Fellow artist Ghie Wyrsch from San Rafael, Ca. with her new artwork "Figure Study".
Bottom R: Yohan, the son of Ms.Philippines runner up Liza Gino who sang broadway musicals and opera excerpts. with Marilyn Tauro and Joanne Vergara listening.

Top L: The Mutz family and future Sheriff of Sonoma County, John Mutz, the proud owner of "Ways of the Cross 6", a mixed media smalti, traditionnal Byzantine mosaic
Top R: John Mutz and wife Heather, part of a Universalist Church who took pride in their new art.
Bottom L: Ginna Morris of Rohnert Park, a former Ms. Ohio Runner-up who could not resist buying the purple nude artwork, wth friend Karen Albright.
Bottom R: Gary Howard and wife Tina, of Bodega Bay who purchased "Woman of Enlightenment".

Clockwise:The artist with Ruth Didonna Taylor, Zumba trainer and gym buddy Kathy.
Alex Pavone with wife Rosary Tan Pavone.
Estela Lopez, the artist 'sister with her latest artwork The Energy Within, (Yin Yang Series)
A woman from SLOANE, who helps empower abused women.
 Ambassador and Mrs. Ronnie Arguelles  with wife Ennie, and Jonathan Melrod.

Day 3 was the busiest day of the event in terms of guest turnout as well as sales.